Front End Developer, Digital Developer, Web Developer, Web Designer.

We’re a values-driven product company upending the way content is created and disseminated globally. At Sesimi, design automation is in our DNA. We identify brand design rules and express them into code that, when merged with dynamic content, produces perfect, on-brand creative on every output.

About the role

We are looking for skilled and experienced web designers who are comfortable with the latest web technologies and passionate about good design. The goal is to create dynamic designs that are flexible in content, size, and format such that they output high-quality, on-brand content regardless of how our clients choose to configure them.

The position requires an understanding of brand design, the attention-to-detail of a print designer, coupled with thorough knowledge of the very latest web design technologies. We’re looking for someone to sit at the crossover point between design and engineering.

What does this role do?

  • Take briefs that include creative examples and extrapolate their underlying designs into HTML/CSS templates.
  • Work closely with the Design Engineering team to ensure the most robust and efficient approach.
  • Interpret style guides and develop component libraries with which to more easily produce related brand templates.

You’ll love this role if you…

  • Have a high level of attention to detail, on-par with traditional print design.
  • Enjoy pushing the limits of what the latest CSS has to offer and want to keep your skills on the bleeding edge of the technology.
  • Enjoy the nuanced design rules that make up brands and work out how they can be encoded into reusable systems.
  • Enjoy working with the latest browsers and standards.
  • Think responsive web design is “too good” to be used solely on the web and are interested in extending it to… everything!
  • Like working with lots of big-name brands.

We’d love it if you…

  • Have a minimum of 3 years experience with modern CSS/SCSS, possibly including utility class libraries and/or CSS-in-JS.
  • Are comfortable with media queries, CSS grid layout and flexbox.
  • Have used templating languages found in modern javascript libraries, ie. JSX (used in React) or Vue.
  • Can knowledgeably advocate for good design – typography, colour, layout, and spacing.

To apply, we need:

  • Your resume.
  • Your portfolio and or GitHub (we are just as interested in your code as the visuals).

If that’s you and you like what you see at Sesimi, reach out to Liv Sutton.